Video: Driving into the Tsunami

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    NTV’s “News Zero” recently recovered and aired this video, which gives a first-person view from inside a car as it is overtaken by the March 11th tsunami:

    The vehicle is carried around by the waves. The driver sits inside, taking photos with another camera and quietly considering whether it would be a good idea to force his way out of the car. After about 4 minutes, the driver slipped out a window and swam to safety. A few seconds later, waves smashed the car into a building and water pours in, disabling the camera.

    If your car is ever overtaken by a tsunami, what should you do? An expert says the best course of action would be to:

    1. Before escaping, you should confirm that the flow of the water is not too strong and there are not large and dangerous objects being swept about.
    2. If those conditions are met, break or open a window and get out.
    3. If possible, swim or run to the safety of a high place. If you can’t get out of the water, at least try to grab on to a sturdy object, such as a fence or light pole.

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