Naoto Kan’s Resignation Announcement: A Huge Scam?

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    Yesterday morning, Prime Minister Naoto Kan announced his resignation. Although he didn’t specify the exact date on which the resignation would take place, it was widely believed that he’d be leaving within a few months. The resignation announcement was apparently a compromise between Kan and his opponents within the DPJ. After saying he was going to quit, the anti-Kan group within the DPJ decided to vote against yesterday’s no-confidence motion. Kan “survived” the no-confidence vote by telling everyone he was going to be quitting soon.

    Yesterday evening, Kan made an announcement saying that he would not be resigning this year. If he were to resign, he would be doing so sometime next year, after the Fukushima nuclear reactors were completely cooled down. Some who had decided to drop their support for the no-confidence motion were very surprised:

    Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, who brokered the deal, said that Kan had agreed to go by the end of June, while Kan said at a press conference late Thursday that the work required him to stay at least through the end of the year.

    Hatoyama shot back Friday morning, saying that Kan was a “con artist” if he tried to stay on.

    “Right before the no-confidence vote, he says he will resign, and then once it’s voted down, he says he won’t. The prime minister should not be behaving like a con artist…If he is such a person, I should have supported the no-confidence vote,” Hatoyama told reporters Friday morning.

    You can read 2channel netizen reactions to Kan’s un-announcement of resignation at Itai News. A lot of the comments brand Kan a liar, but others seem happy that he’s not giving up.

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