Fukushima Workers Face Heat Stroke Danger

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    On Wednesday, a worker at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant suffered from heat stroke after spending a few minutes inside the #2 reactor building:

    One of the four workers, a man in his 40s, fell ill from heatstroke after the mission, though he made a full recovery after getting an intravenous drip at a medical station.

    “The heat and humidity in the reactor building is so high, spending 15 minutes or more there would be a problem for anyone,” one source said, highlighting the difficulty of conducting manned operations inside.

    To deal with the heat, which will only worsen as summer approaches, TEPCO also revealed a plan on May 19 to build rest stations for up to 1,000 workers, equipped with coolers and stocked with drinks. They will also feature spaces to change in and out of protective suits, and sofas and chairs to let workers relax. Currently there are just two rest stations on-site, able to accommodate about 100 people total.

    With an incredibly hot and humid summer the risk of heat stroke will be very serious, especially when one thinks about the plastic suits the workers are wearing. If proper measures aren’t taken, the heat could be more dangerous than the radiation.

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