City in Iwate Prefecture Rejects Calls to Preserve Rooftop Boat

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    More than 160 academics have called for the preservation of the above-pictured sightseeing boat, which was left stranded on top of a building in Kamaishi city in Iwate prefecture after the March 11th tsunami. They thought it would be good if the boat could be left in its current position so it could serve as a reminder of the disaster.

    However, local authorities have decided to reject the requests. The boat will be destroyed:

    Mayor Takenori Noda said he was concerned not only about preservation costs but also about the possibility of the boat falling off its perch.

    “I don’t think citizens would look favorably on a decision to preserve this boat 20 to 30 years from now,” Noda said.

    The prefectural government initially told city officials to hold off demolition work after the academics made their plea, but it eventually gave the go-ahead to take down the vessel.

    Work to demolish the boat is expected to begin in early May.

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