Kyushu Shinkansen

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    On March 12th, the Kyushu Shinkansen high-speed rail line fully opened for service, connecting Hakata in the north to Kagoshima in the South. Because of the massive earthquake and tsunami on the day before, its opening has barely made the news. In the weeks immediately following the disaster, nobody wanted to air celebratory commercials, so the Kyushu Shinkansen was not advertised.

    Its main commercial, which is quite great, is apparently getting some air time again:

    “They took special efforts to film it, and 10,000+ people showed up at various places along the route, hoping to be in the commercial. They filmed 3 hours of tape, and edited it down to 3 minutes, which the director said was extremely difficult, because everything was so good that they didn’t want to leave anything out. It aired maybe a dozen times, and then the disaster struck, and the commercial was pulled, as it was thought that it was bad to show people happy and having a good time in such a difficult time. Recently though, people have begun to wish for the commercial to be shown again, as it’s a good example of how Japan can do anything when people work together, and people can and will strive again.”

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