Englishman Arrested for Disturbing the Peace of a Loud Japanese Election Campaign

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    It’s no secret that Japan has some of the loudest advertising, propaganda, preaching, and political campaigns around. Most foreigners, not to mention more than a few Japanese, would like to see the loud speakers crushed into dust. But we all put up with it, because this is Japan, and people put up over here, by gum. But not one brave man. Yes, call it reckless, but I am championing the drunken actions of one Englishman who just wasn’t going to take it any more.

    According to Itai News, one Edward Jones was recently arrested for grabbing a mike from a politician at a train station and yelled about how Japanese elections are loud and annoying. He allegedly had just finished a few drinks with friends. After his display, he was hauled off to jail.

    Itai News’s comments are also filled with Japanese netizens voicing approval for Jones’s actions.
    Here is a select few that I felt able to translate:

    Well done!

    I forgive him.

    Let’s forgive him, they really are loud.

    They are bleeding annoying.

    Good Job! Good Job! Good Job!

    He’s sinless (innocent).

    Elections really are the secret shame of Japan.

    One vote for Jones!

    Japanese elections don’t make any sense.
    Instead of shouting their names from sound trucks, they should have American-style televised policy debates.

    [via Hiko]

    Contributor Bio: Claytonian blogs, vlogs, and clogs about Japan, language, and news at The Hopeless Romantic. He muses about hitting campaign cars with rotten tomatoes sometimes. A boy can dream.

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