The AC Robo Meme: Cute Characters Become Badass Battle Robots

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    A few days ago a couple Japanese netizens posted transforming robot parodies of AC Japan’s happy greeting PSAs. Since then, the “AC Robo” meme has taken off, spawning awesome fighting robot versions of almost every mascot character that appears in the commercial.

    Here are a few that I’ve found on YouTube.

    Great Arigato-usagi:

    Great Konban-wani:

    Konban-wani alternative version:

    The boy and girl combine their powers to form a super robot:

    A combination of several robos, plus an epic animated showdown between Arigato-usagi and Itadaki-mouse:

    Konnichi-wan Dynamic version:

    Super Sayona-lion:

    Alternative versions of Sayona-lion:

    Eternal Sayona-lion:

    Ultimate Oyasumina-sai

    Hyper Ohayo-unagi:

    Sonic Tadai-manbou:

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