Greenpeace: Japanese Government’s Radiation Data is Accurate

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    A few days ago, anti-nuclear activists from Greenpeace set up their own radiation monitoring equipment in Fukushima. If they were trying to expose Japanese government lies radiation levels, they were not successful:

    The organization, which has a well-known anti-nuclear stance, had said that it was coming to Japan to provide “an alternative to the often contradictory information released by nuclear regulators.”

    There has been some public mistrust regarding the official data, with fears exacerbated by occasionally contradictory announcements. But Jan van de Putte, a Greenpeace official, said Wednesday that its scientists’ findings largely correlated with the official Japanese data.

    There is no contradiction between Greenpeace data and local data,” he said. “The contradiction is between the data, and action to help people” in the affected areas.

    The organization recommended that the government move more aggressively to evacuate residents near the complex.

    The official Japanese government policy concerning people living 20 to 30 kilometers from the plant is that evacuation is voluntary, but recommended based on the limited availability of basic goods and services in the area. Greenpeace thinks evacuation from that area should be mandatory.

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