Why Do Japanese Politicians Dress-up Like Workmen After Natural Disasters?

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    A couple days ago on the TBS news program “Jouhou 7 Days News Caster,” comedian/director Takeshi Kitano delivered a monologue in which he commented on how Japanese lawmakers switched from suits to work clothes after the March 11th earthquake [via Itai News]:

    Takeshi thinks it is ridiculous. Why are lawmakers dressing up like they are going to do manual labor? If they dress up like that, shouldn’t they be out in Tohoku helping clean up? He sees it all as a stupid performance.

    Below are a few photos of Japanese politicians playing dress-up in Tokyo after the big earthquake.

    Renho, Minister for Administrative Reforms, wears work clothes as she inspects on food availability at a convenience store in Tokyo:

    Opposition party lawmakers dress up in work clothes (Yoshimi Watanabe and Mizuho Fukushima wear normal clothes instead):

    Ritsuo Hosokawa, Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare, wears a work jacket while giving a press conference:

    Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano, whose use of work clothes is probably more understandable than others, since he has been working his ass off for days without much sleep:

    Prime Minister Kan talks to reporters in Tokyo:

    Kan was scheduled to visit the disaster-struck areas today, but concerns about “bad weather” made him cancel the trip. I guess those work clothes aren’t durable enough to withstand a little bit of rain.

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