Post-Earthquake Japanese TV: PSAs Instead of Commercials

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    Japanese TV channels have had a bit of a problem. For the first few days after the March 11th Tohoku earthquake, most television programming consisted of live news updates about the disaster. When the channels started airing normal programs again, they found themselves without advertisers. It seems that few companies want to air cheery commercials during what is essentially a period of mourning for the Japanese nation.

    Since TV programs have been created with the assumption that a certain number of minutes per hour will be taken up by commercials, the TV networks have been airing public service announcements during commercial breaks.

    This PSA from AC Japan has been shown so many times that people are beginning to go crazy when they hear it:

    There’s also this PSA, asking women to get breast cancer and cervical cancer checks:

    A few days ago, AC apologized for the annoyance and started to remove the “eeyyy-seeee” jingle from the end of some of these PSAs, since they are apparently getting a lot of complaints about it.

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