Operation Tomodachi: American Aid to Earthquake & Tsunami Victims

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    A week ago, I posted about how the United State military had launched a massive effort to deliver aid to victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Since then, “Operation Tomodachi” (Operation Friendship) has made some significant contributions to relief efforts. They’ve provided logistical support for Japanese aid workers, participated in search and rescue missions, and delivered tons of food and supplies to survivors.

    Here are a few videos and photo slideshows of them in action.

    “US Navy Supports Operation Tomodachi” (from the US Navy):

    “Relief efforts continue in Japan with Operation Tomodachi” (from the US Marine Corps):

    “Operation Tomodachi Slideshow” (from the Department of Defense):

    “米軍による救助作戦:「operation tomodachi 」 友達作戦” (a slideshow by bu7da8):

    “米軍が避難所に救援物資搬送” (Japanese TV footage upped by wk0909123):

    You can see more information and photos at the following links:

    Over at Itai News, they’ve posted some excerpts from a 2channel thread in which Japanese netizens comment on how “cool” the American military looks in TV reports about Operation Tomodachi.

    A lot of the comments have expressed gratitude towards in the United States, and they’ve even got some of their ascii emoticons cheering:

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