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    I didn’t think it could get any worse than the hilariously inaccurate “Mass exodus from Tokyo” I posted about yesterday. However, their front page headline today and this new article soar to new heights of sensational stupidity.

    Now they’ll print the crazy ravings of panic-stricken idiots:

    Keely Fujiyama, 37, phoned The Sun to describe a city in fear of nuclear catastrophe – with streets deserted and food, water and fuel running out.

    And she slammed the British Embassy for failing to help expats desperate to escape – after radiation levels from Japan’s stricken nuclear reactors reached ten times normal.

    The mum of two said: “They fled and left us here to fry. I’m ashamed to call myself British.”

    Keely, from Croydon, South London, has lived in Tokyo for ten years after marrying Japanese Ryu Fujiyama.

    She said: “I’m stuck inside a third-floor apartment in a part of the city that resembles a ghost-town. Normally the streets bustle like nowhere else on earth.

    “But I look outside now and they’re completely deserted. It’s like London in the zombie movie 28 Days Later.


    “On Tuesday, the radiation levels in Tokyo were ten times above normal and people started to panic.

    “What if, every day, radiation continues to double?”

    The Sun doesn’t bother to inform readers that doubling Tokyo’s radiation level again and again would still produce a radiation level that is not harmful to human health. The woman says she is not going outside, yet she claims to be an expert on the situation in the streets outside.

    It goes on to mention how the British embassy and consulate have not been receptive towards this hysterical woman’s phone calls:

    “The first to flee Tokyo have been British Embassy staff. I repeatedly rang the Tokyo number for our embassy – but there’s just a recorded message saying, ‘We are not taking calls’.

    “So I phoned the embassy in Osaka and got the same message.

    “I then rang the Foreign Office and got patched through to a crisis line man, who just told me to try and get on a plane.

    “I kept telling him we can’t even get to the airport but he didn’t seem concerned.

    “I was shaking. I feel like they’re just leaving us here to fry.

    “I don’t want my children to get cancer. The Japanese news tells us radiation in Tokyo isn’t at harmful levels. But why would they tell us to wear masks otherwise?

    “I begged the Foreign Office man, ‘Please help me’. But he told me if I raised my voice one more time he was terminating the call.

    “In desperation, I rang the US embassy and immediately a human voice asked, ‘How can I help?’ They can’t do much as I’m British. But the contrast was staggering.

    “If I get out of Tokyo I want to go to America, Australia, anywhere. I have no faith in Britain any more. I don’t want to see my country ever again.”

    The embassy staff has not fled Japan. As you might expect following a huge earthquake, they probably are far too busy to take phone calls because they are doing work that matters – helping citizens who are stranded in Tohoku.

    The Sun and many other foreign newspapers have been running photos of people wearing face masks – common site during allergy season – with captions describing how Tokyoites are trying to protect themselves from radiation. This hysterical woman seems to think that people in Tokyo have been asked to wear masks like that, but no such recommendation has been made. It sounds like she is misunderstanding Japanese media reports about what people in Fukushima should do about radiation.

    Tokyo has not become a ghost town. There is no mass exodus of Japanese people taking place. The worst panic about this nuclear accident seems to be taking place outside of Japan, where the profit-hungry media is actively reporting wild exaggerations and false information.

    Note: I’m well aware of the fact that the Sun is a tabloid rag, known for low quality reporting. Other international media outlets haven’t gone to such extremes, but a lot of them aren’t doing much to encourage level-headed and rational examination of the situation in Japan.

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