Tokyo Governor: Earthquake Was Divine Punishment #ishihara_damare

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    Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara has told the press he believes the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan on Friday was a form of divine punishment:

    The identity of the Japanese people is selfishness. The Japanese people must take advantage of this tsunami as means of washing away their selfish greed. I really do think this is divine punishment.”

    Ishihara was contrasting the “selfishness and greed” that he perceived in Japan with the identity of the United States with “liberty” and the identity of France with “liberty, philanthropy, and equality [sic].”

    With the media focusing on more important earthquake news, his outrageous statements are not getting much attention yet. However, Twitter users are trying to spread the word about Ishihara using the tag #ishihara_damare (“shut up, Ishihara”).

    Related video: Here’s somebody who is on the same wavelength as Ishihara.

    Note: He has since apologized for his remarks.

    [hat tip to Jordan]

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