Rolling Blackouts in Japan

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    As we speak, they are reading long lists of city names and times on Japanese television. The nuclear reactors in Fukushima provided a lot of the electricity for the Kanto region, so Tepco is experiencing power shortages. Starting on Monday, the entire region will experience rolling blackouts:

    Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has announced that rolling blackouts in the Kanto Plain, including Tokyo, will begin Monday.

    It is Sunday now in Japan. Power is on in Tokyo now because there is less usage on Sunday.
    Monday brings more demand so TEPCO will implement rolling blackouts.

    TEPCO will announce the schedule later today.

    The schedule being read on the TV is somewhat vague, but it seems that the rolling blackouts will be scheduled for the daytime hours. Large cities like Yokohama and Saitama are included in several of the time blocks they are reading – presumably only certain areas of those cities are included in the times listed, but it is not clear.

    Of Tokyo’s 23 wards, only Arakawa-ku will be effected. It would seem that they are punishing Tokyo’s suburbs under the assumption that downtown Tokyo is where most of the important business happens. Nonetheless, this will certainly wreak havoc upon the Japanese economy, as many factories and offices are outside of the 23 wards.

    Reports are saying that the situation could continue for “weeks.”

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