Tokyo Sky Tree Observation Deck

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    NTV news casters appear inside a computer-generated Tokyo Sky Tree to introduce a story about how the observation deck of the structure has been completed:

    At a height of 350-meters, it is the highest observation deck in Japan (Tokyo Tower = 250-meters / Yokohama Landmark Tower = 273 meters). It won’t be open to the general public until the rest of the structure is complete, but the media were allowed to get a sneak peak at the view. The structure is so tall that one will be able to look down on the annual Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival, which shoots its fireworks 180-meters into the sky.

    When one compares maps of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree sightings, the Sky Tree’s superior height is evident. On clear days, it can even be seen from the Pacific coast areas of Chiba and Ibaraki prefectures.

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