Kishidan Apologizes for Wearing SS Uniforms

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    Kishidan in nazi uniforms?

    An important update on yesterday’s story about a Jewish group demanding an apology from MTV Japan and the music group Kishidan over the group’s use of uniforms inspired by Nazi Germany’s SS.

    Sony Music has updated the group’s official website to include an apology statement in both Japanese and English:






     代表取締役 原田公一

     代表取締役 高橋章

    Message of Apology

    In regards to the costume worn by Kishidan on MTV Japan’s program, “Megavector”, although it was not meant to carry any ideological meaning whatsoever, we deeply regret and apologize for the distress it has caused Simon Wiesenthal Center and all concerned.
    Members of Kishidan also deeply regret and apologize in this matter.

    We have taken the words of advice from Simon Wiesenthal Center very seriously. Kishidan will never again use this costume and it will be disposed of immediately.

    We sincerely apologize for the insensitive action.

    I haven’t seen anything yet about MTV Japan apologizing and taking up the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s offer to interview a holocaust survivor, but I did hear on the news that they canceled a rebroadcast of the infamous Kishidan interview.

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