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    NTV’s “Bankisha” recently visited the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to observe the activities of the Creative Industries Promotion Office (known as the “Cool Japan Office” in Japanese):

    The goal of the Office is to help find international customers for Japanese companies that make “cool” products. A lot of their work deals with promoting anime, manga, and hip youth fashion, but they also devote considerable effort towards the promotion of other industries. In this report, NTV visits two businesses in Yamagata Prefecture that the Cool Japan Office would like people to know more about.

    The first business is Sato Seni Company, which has been manufacturing textiles since 1932. Its president, Masaki Sato, is the great-grandson of the company’s found. Under his leadership, the company began to specialize in creating blends of yarn, building up a reputation for quality that has attracted business from high-end fashion designers.

    In the report we are shown that American First Lady Michelle Obama attended an inaugural celebration wearing a cardigan that was produced using Sato Seni yarn.

    You can read an article in English about Sato Seni in this Japanese government PR newsletter (PDF).

    The other company featured is Oriental Carpet Mills, which specializes in the creation of high quality oriental rugs. The report focuses on one of the company’s greatest achievements: creating a rug for the Papal Audience Chamber at the Vatican Palace in 1964. They interview one of the women who worked on that rug, and she is quite proud of her work.

    You can read an article in English about Oriental Carpet Mills on this Japanese government PR page.

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