Burger King Brings New York Pizza Burger to Japan

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    Japan’s NTV news takes a look at the newest fast food burgers in Japan, including Burger King’s New York Pizza Burger:

    This mammoth burger, which is meant to be shared, has already been available for some time at BK restaurants in America, where it sells for $13. In Japan it is being sold for 1,680 yen, which roughly equivalent to $20. I don’t know about its flavor, but that price makes me want to gag.

    Some American media outlets, such as CBS, have called the burger a “fat bomb” because of it contains an unholy 2,530 calories, 144 grams of fat (59 grams saturated) and 380 mg of cholesterol [well over one person’s recommended daily intake]. This Japanese report doesn’t try to preach about the health value of any of the burgers it introduces.

    Sales figures show that hamburgers are popular in December. Here are a few new menu items that other fast food chains are rolling out:

    • McDonald’s Japan has brought back the Texas Burger.
    • Lotteria is selling a Hamadashi Steak Burger. It has a slab of New Zealand sirloin sticking out from the sides of the bun. At 840 yen, it’s Lotteria’s most expensive burger.
    • First Kitchen is selling a Nikomi Hamburg Sandwich.
    • Mos Burger is selling a Hokkaido Koroke Focaccia sandwich.
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