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    The economic success of Tama the Stationmaster Cat has convinced railways across Japan to promote their own animal stationmaster gimmicks:

    • JR Kyushu has made a goat named Kyutaro the stationmaster of Umi-no-Nakamichi Station. Upon assuming his post, Kyutaro promptly ate his certificate of promotion.
    • Shimane’s Ichibata Electric Railway made a penguin the honorary stationmaster of Matsue Vogel Park station for a day. The little penguin wore a railway uniform and patrolled the interior of a couple train cars.
    • Two years have passed since Tama the cat assumed her post as stationmaster of Kishi Station on the Wakayama Electric Railway, and she remains very popular. Last month, a couple even held their wedding at the station! Tama blessed the ceremony with a “meow” and an extension of her paw.
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