Japan’s 2022 World Cup Bid: 3D Holograms?

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    The Japanese delegation is in Zurich today, trying to convince FIFA that Japan should host the 2022 World Cup. They are hoping to win people over with a promise of live 3D holographic broadcasts of soccer matches. People around the world would be able to visit stadiums and experience something very much like watching an actual game in person:

    Japan promised a high tech marvel in its final pitch to host the 2022 World Cup on Wednesday by paving 400 stadiums around the world with 3D flat screens to show life size matches thousands of miles away.

    “I have to admit that the idea of this blows my mind away,” admitted Japan 2022 bid committee chief executive Kohzo Tashima.

    “Three hundred and sixty million people could have a full stadium experience of matches; that’s over 100 times the number of spectators at the 1994 World Cup in the United States,” he told FIFA’s executive committee.

    Backed by Sony chairman Howard Stringer, Japanese officials mirrored the promise of an electronics revolution for the next generation that would eliminate language problems in Japan by providing tiny real-time interpretation machines and constant connection to palm sized screens.

    Here is a promotional video created by Japan. If you only want to see the part about 3D Full Court Vision, skip ahead about 4 minutes:


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