Gopan Rice-to-Bread Machine: A Huge Hit

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    Remember that post from a few months ago about the Gopan appliance that can turn rice into bread? It turns out that it’s become so popular that its manufacturer (Sanyo) has had to stop taking orders until production can supply all the people who are already on the waiting list for a Gopan machine:

    The Gopan first went on sale on November 11th, and it was soon obvious that demand for the product was far more than its manufacturer had anticipated:

    The company said it will stop taking orders for its 50,000 yen (600 dollar) Gopan rice bread cooker on December 1 as the electronics maker looks to boost production capacity at its plant in China.

    It aims to resume taking orders in April for what it claims to be the world’s first cooker to mill rice into powder and bake bread.

    The company said the orders it had received since its November 11 release far outshone the 58,000 it had planned to sell by the end of March next year.

    Sanyo says it plans to deliver the cooker to customers who have already ordered by the end of November, but warned deliveries could be as late as March.

    They won’t be ready to take new orders until April, apparently.

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