No Complaints Received About “Hello Gaijin-San” Nose

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    If you’ve been to the novelty or party goods section of Japanese stores such as Tokyu Hands and Loft, you’ve probably seen this racist “Hello Gaijin-san” nose for sale:

    This product has been around for years, and it is regularly a topic of complaint on English blogs about Japan. Arudou Debito blogged about this product back in 2008, implying that his FRANCA organization should take action against it. However, it appears that no action was taken and no complaints were filed.

    The Japanese blogger behind the Sora blog called up the manufacturer of the product and told them about some of the complaints non-Japanese have made about the “Hello Gajin-san” set. The company representative said it was the first time the company had ever received a complaint about that product.

    If you hate this product and want to see it go away, send the company a message in Japanese using the contact form on their website or their phone number (048-297-9215). Better to let them know directly, instead of just complaining about it in English on a blog or forum.

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