Japanese Man Helps Bring Water to Afghanistan

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    A news video from earlier this year about Dr. Tetsu Nakamura, a Japanese man who has worked to provide aid for poor villagers in Afghanistan:

    Violence forced other Japanese to flee the country, but Nakamura stayed behind to keep working. His organization, Peshawar-kai, has concentrated on building irrigation systems to help Afghan villagers turn parched land into fertile farmland.

    Rather than relying on poured concrete, Nakamura decided to use simpler construction methods to channel the water. By using low-tech mesh and stones, he can involve Afghan villagers in the construction process and also be sure that future maintenance of the irrigation system will not be beyond their technical capabilities.

    The available of water have transformed the countryside:

    Unfortunately, according to a recent article in the Japan Times, the irrigation systems were damaged by flooding this summer and the NGO is in need of assistance:

    “We need water before medicine,” said Tetsu Nakamura, 64, an Afghan-based physician representing Peshawar-kai, during a recent trip back to Japan. “Medicine cannot cure hunger and thirst.”

    Since 2003, the group has been building irrigation channels in areas about 30 km from Jalalabad, an eastern Afghan town affected by desertification due to droughts.

    The group also built two water intake facilities at an irrigation channel in another area from 2008 to earlier this year, as they are essential for a stable supply of water regardless of the season.

    For inquiries, call Peshawar-kai at (092) 731-2372.

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