The Welcome-to-Japan Tourism Bra

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    Triumph International has held a press conference to unveil latest in its line of bizarre gimmick bras. This time it is lingerie that welcomes international tourists to Japan:

    A row of three electronic push buttons running down the centre of the garment triggers audio greetings in English, Chinese and Korean.

    “Furthermore, tour guide flags are inserted on each side of the bra,” the company said. “When not used to guide tourists, the flags act as side stays, providing good support and creating an attractive bust line.”

    The most risque feature is a short skirt attached to the dark blue outfit that flips up to reveal a map of Japan.

    Like its previous gimmick bras, it will never be produced or sold to the general public.

    Here are a few video clips of it:

    This year’s bra falls short of the wacky creativity seen in previous gimmick bras such as the marriage preparation bra, solar bra, golf bra, and chopsticks bra. It seems like Triumph’s marketing department ran out of ideas. Surely they could have thought up something better than a normal bra with a couple of postcards attached to it…

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