Fried Chicken + Christmas in Japan

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    The Christmas season is approaching, and in Japan that means it’s time to eat some fried chicken! Kentucky Fried Chicken is the traditional powerhouse of x-mas chicken in Japan, but this year it faces a new challenge from McDonald’s:

    McDonald’s Japanese first-ever Christmas set will include two juicy chicken selects, two 5-piece chicken nuggets, two shaka shaka chickens, and some mega-sized fries.

    Despite the challenge, KFC reports that reservations for X-mas chicken buckets showing an increase over last year. At the KFC branch visited by the news crew, Christmas Eve buckets were already fully booked.

    This is all part of a general trend. Over the last few years, Japanese consumption of chicken has increased, with people preferring it as a healthier and cheaper alternative to other meats. As McDonald’s and KFC battle it out for dominance in the fast food scene, convenience stores are also pushing new chicken products. ( I recommend Lawson’s “L Chiki” boneless chicken + burger bun. )

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