iCon Chicken: Cheese Fondue, German Sausage, Diavolo, and Carbonara Chicken Burgers

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    McDonald’s Japan is rolling out four new “iCon” chicken burgers this month:

    The premium chicken burgers and chicken tenders McDonald’s began selling in July have been a huge hit, and now they’re aiming to make even bigger piles of money. They want consumers to start thinking of McDonald’s as the place to go for tasty chicken.

    Until October 7th, various McDonald’s stores around Japan will be running limited time previews of the iCon burgers. After that, stores nationwide will devote half a month to each of the burgers. Cheese fondue will be sold from October 8th, German Sausage from around the end of October, Diavolo from the beginning of November, and Carbonara from the middle of November.

    KFC, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary in Japan, will be fighting back with spicy Yuzu chicken. It will go on sale starting October 7th.

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