Chinese Media Graphics vs. Japanese Media Graphics

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    collision as shown by ATV

    A few days back, I posted about how a Chinese trawler had been seized by Japanese authorities after ramming two Japanese patrol vessels near the Senkaku Islands. That post contained the above image, which was created by the graphic department at TV Asahi News. It shows the Chinese trawler colliding with the side of the Japanese patrol ships.

    After checking out some China Smack’s translations of anti-Japanese comments left by jingoistic Chinese netizens, I noticed that at least a couple Chinese media outlets are using graphics that report a very different kind of collision:

    Look at those Japanese ships, totally ramming into that helpless Chinese trawler! If China’s state-controlled media is showing the Chinese public those kind of pictures, it’s not surprising that this incident has made a lot of people angry at Japan.

    The Japanese media has included photos of the damage sustained by the Japanese patrol boats in its reports, and none of them appear to show the kind of dents one would expect from a frontal ramming. Here’s an example:

    An update on this news story: The Japanese government has released the crew of the ship, but the captain remains in custody. There also seems to be a boat carrying Taiwanese ultra-nationalists that is currently heading towards the Senkaku islands in the hopes of creating another international incident.

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