Boar-riding Rodeo Monkey Triggers Cuteness Overload in Japan

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    A few days ago, I posted about a baby monkey that had taken to riding a young boar at a Fukuchiyama Zoo in Kyoto prefecture. Since then, TV news cameras spread images of “Rodeo” cuteness around Japan, drawing huge crowds to the zoo:

    On a normal Sunday, the zoo gets about 300 visitors. Last Sunday, about 1,700 people visited the zoo. Some people traveled for hours to get there. Apparently the place is set up kind of like a petting zoo, so there are times when the monkey and boar can run around the crowds of people.

    A lot of those people had video cameras and Youtube accounts:

    One person who couldn’t make it to the zoo decided to make a tribute video with their dog instead

    Baby monkeys are known to cling to their mother for many months after they are born, and Miwa the orphaned monkey seems to think of the boar as his mommy (even though the boar is a boy). Miwa has also taken a liking to the woman who works at the zoo’s ticket counter. When he’s not riding the boar, Miwa is usually sleeping in the woman’s lap.

    Both the monkey and the wild boar are growing up fast. The rodeos will only continue until the monkey grows out of the stage at which he feels it needs to cling to a parent – or – until the the boar will no longer tolerate the presence of a monkey on his back. This super cute situation will probably last for only several months to a year.

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