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    A Japanese company called Omron recently developed something it calls “Smile Measurement Software.” The software analyzes an image of a human face and determines whether that face is smiling. An ideal smile would receive a score of 100, while no smile at all would get a score of zero. They have been using the software to visit companies across Japan that want to improve customer service. It’s been especially popular at fast food chains, which always want their employees to provide service with a smile.

    Do Japanese people need to improve their smiles? The “Mezamashi TV” morning show recently ran a test of the smile software to see how Japanese smiles measured up against other countries’ smiles:

    Here are the results for Japan, Russia, the United States, France, and Thailand:

    As you can see, Japan came in last. Thailand, which many people in Japan know as “the land of smiles,” came in first place. The result seemed to confirm the claim that Japanese people need to get some special smile training.

    Don’t read too much into the results of this test, folks. It was just for fun. A proper test would have obviously required much larger sample sizes and a balance between the two genders. Also, I think that one French dude must have been paid off by team Thailand, because he totally drove down France’s average with his lame smile…

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