Ric O’Barry Reads Japan Probe

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    A reader in the States who saw Friday’s episode of “Blood Dolphins” has sent some screen captures of dolphin rights activist Ric O’Barry reading Japan Probe to find out the latest news about the Taiji dolphin hunt:

    And here is the video:

    The segment was filmed last year, right after it appeared that Taiji would not go forward with its annual dolphin hunt. At the time there were several optimistic reports in the international press claiming that foreign pressure had forced Taiji’s fishermen to give up on dolphin hunting. I made a post pointing out that the Japanese media was reporting that the hunt was taking place and dolphins had been captured, and it looks like O’Barry read that post. [Animal Planet’s cameraman is kind enough to zoom in on the site name, so that all the people watching at home can know the name of the site.]

    He even scrolled down and read some of the comments. He takes note of nakamura25’s comment that asked, “Where is Ric O’Barry?” When O’Barry finds Kitty’s “My Grandma makes an awesome dolphin burger!” comment, he has to turn away from the computer in disgust. If Kitty is still reading this site, he/she must be grinning with delight right now.

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