Purikura – Japanese Print Club Photos Make Your Eyes Bigger & Skin Lighter

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    The “Mezashi TV” takes a look at some of the interesting features of Japanese “Print Club” [Purikura] photo booths:

    For years now, such photo booths made girls happy by washing out the colors in photographs to make one’s skin look smoother and lighter. In the last few years, photo booth manufacturers have strengthened these “beautifying” capabilities and have added another key feature: eye enlargement. The result is a photo that looks “cuter” but bears little resemblance to the person who actually stepped into the booth.

    Here is what photo booths did to a FTV production staff guy & Mona Lisa:

    It turned the man into a freakish alien-like creature, but girls on the street thought that it made Mona Lisa look “cute.” Some informal polling showed that girls are pretty satisfied with the results of their purikura photos. However, when men were asked to compare an actual photo of a woman with her post-purikura face, about half of them preferred the unaltered natural version. Since most girls aren’t taking these photos to impress men, the negative opinions a lot of guys have about them probably don’t matter so much.

    Note: Some people may look at this post and assume that the popularity of skin-lightening and eye-enlargement features in purikura photo booths is evidence that “Japanese girls want to look White” or “Japanese girls want to look like anime characters.” Nothing in the report indicates that the girls have any such desire. They seem to just think that bigger eyes look cuter, and the skin-lightening feature erases pimples, wrinkles, and other blemishes that reduce cuteness.

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