Is Waterproofing a Must-have Function for Cell Phones?

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    It’s not too much to say that our daily life cannot even conducted without a cell phone. We use them everywhere. That means that cell phones are likely to get wet by accident in a bath or a toilet, at a kitchen or a laundry, anywhere you name it. Especially summer is the season Japanese cell phone companies like to release waterproof cell phones.

    KDDI‘s speck called “IPX7” has got strong water-resistance. It can be used even after 30 minutes in 1 meter deep water. Fujitsu makes cell phone that can take pictures in the water.

    Dr. Fix is professional data recovery service company specialized in cell phones. Some people trust waterproof function too much to use it right, nevertheless every cell phone model has different levels of waterproofing.

    Dr. Fix is located at 500 photo shops in Japan, which is increasing up to 1000 shops within this year, reflecting its high demand. They break down cell phone and dry it in the special equipment. In this way 80% of cell phones can recover data, although verbal communication function is dead.


    I personally think KDDI (AU) should make more phones that you can use internationally, which is a lot more important to me than adding the strongest waterproofing. My KDDI phone is used only inside Japan. Their international models are too limited to select from. :(

    Contributor Bio: Kirin is a Japanese woman spending her life so far somewhere around Tokyo. She now works from home and is also spreading Japanese kawaii culture and etc. through her popular blog, Tokyo Kawaii,etc.

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