No Japanese Flag on Display at the 2010 Shanghai Expo

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    The Yomiuri Reports that Japanese are so worried about anti-Japanese nationalism in China that they cannot even display their country’s flag over their pavilion at the World Expo:

    Japan decided not to display its Hinomaru national flag Saturday, the first day of the Shanghai World Expo, apparently concerned about anti-Japanese feelings harbored by many Chinese.

    “There’ve been past exhibitions where we also didn’t put up the national flag,” a staffer at the Japan Pavilion said. Another staff member, at the Japan Industrial Pavilion, said, “We’ve been careful to ensure our exhibits are not tied to political issues.”

    In China, the Hinomaru flag is often seen as a symbol of Japan’s past militarism. Television programs featuring the 1937-1945 second Sino-Japanese War are regularly aired in that country.

    Are the Japanese being too cautious? Perhaps, but one should remember that it has only been five years since rabid nationalistic mobs rioted against Japan in the streets of Shanghai [see video clips here and here].

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