Japanese TV report: What’s the Deal With Sagging Pants in America?

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    An NTV news reporter in America looks into the case of Brooklyn’s “Stop the Sag” billboard:

    The report starts with a mention of Olympic snowboarder Kazuhiro Kokubo, who was banned from the Olympic opening ceremony because he disgraced Japan by sagging his pants. After about a minute of footage showing various people walking around with sagging pants, the Japanese reporter interviews a couple about pants sagging – the guy likes to where his pants that way, while his girlfriend seems to think it’s kind of dumb (their baby refuses to comment). The best moment of the clip is at 01:22, when the Japanese man makes an attempt at sagging his own pants, only to find himself getting laughed at.

    Some other people interviewed support the rule, while others do not. At the end of the segment, the news anchors back in the studio seem a bit confused about the whole concept of wearing one’s pants in such a manner.

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