2010 Shanghai Expo Asks Permission to Use Japanese Song

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    Consider this news an admission that the official theme song of the 2010 Shanghai Expo was plagiarized:

    The organizers of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai have asked Japanese singer-songwriter Mayo Okamoto for permission to use one of her songs, which a Chinese composer had been accused of plagiarizing, in its promotional activities, her office said Monday, adding the artist has approved the request.

    “I am honored to have a chance to cooperate with the Shanghai Expo, to which the whole world is paying attention,” said Okamoto in a released comment.

    The unusual request by the secretariat of the expo, starting May 1, in effect admits to the allegations of plagiarism that had been widespread on the Internet, with critics saying it is aimed at preventing the image of the expo from deteriorating and criticism of authorities for failing to detect it.

    [hat tip to Ponta]

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