Beef Bowl Price War in Japan

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    Lovers of Japanese fast food rejoice! There’s a gyudon price war going on:

    The chains, Yoshinoya, Sukiya and Matsuya have dropped the price of their beef-on-rice dishes to between 250 and 270 yen, albeit for a limited period. But McDonald’s, which previously launched a surprisingly cheap lineup of products, is now being supported by more expensive meals, and Japanese dining establishments’ reliance on cheap dishes has been shown to have its limits. Accordingly, there remains a risk that the restaurant chains’ battle could end up a consumption competition with no winners.

    Shortly after noon on Friday, the third day of Yoshinoya’s campaign, some 50 customers including salarymen were lined up outside Yoshinoya’s Yurakucho restaurant in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, where the price of beef-bowl dishes has been lowered by 110 yen.

    “I eat out every day for lunch, so I’m happy,” said one 72-year-old security company worker who frequents the restaurant. “I’ll use the 110 yen I’ve saved as pocket money.”

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