Tokyo Sky Tree – Japan’s Tallest Structure

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    Sky Tree

    Earlier this week, construction on the new Tokyo Sky Tree reached a point where it overtook Tokyo Tower, making it the tallest man-made structure in Japan. Here are some video clips from FTV and NTV news programs:

    In the FTV clip they say that although it will take another 2 years for the tower to reach its full height, there is already “Sky Tree Fever” in Tokyo. Tourists are flocking to take photos of the half-finished tower and restaurants are selling tower-themed menu items. One bath house has already painted the Sky Tree on its walls. Since the final height of the Sky Tree will reach 634-meters, some local businesses are holding promotions with 63.4% discounts. People are still visiting Tokyo Tower, but a lot of them seem to be using it as a platform from which to take photos of the Sky Tree.

    The above clip from NTV’s “Bankisha” checks out various spots in the Kanto region from which one can view the Sky Tree. The farthest spot seems to be Mt. Tsukuba, some 63 kilometers (39 miles) away.

    Those interested in other cool viewing spots will also want to check out this collection photos of the Tokyo Sky Tree plotted on Google Maps:

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