Sea Shepherd’s sources of funding

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    An investigative report by NTV’s “Bankisha” into the companies and individuals who financially support the violent animal rights activism of Sea Shepherd:

    • The Animal Planet TV network, for airing pro-Sea Shepherd propaganda
    • Celebrities like Paul McCartney, Sean Penn, Pierce Brosnan, the Dalai Lama
    • People who use a special Sea Shepherd Visa card that donates a little bit of money every time it is used to make a purchase
    • Lush, a British company that sells specialty soaps (their Japan branch doesn’t directly fund Sea Shepherd – as if that matters)

    A Sea Shepherd spokesman says their budget was about 2.5 million dollars a few years ago. Now, thanks to the greater attention given to their cause, it has risen to over 5 million dollars.

    The second half of the clip is about Sea Shepherd’s next target: the bluefin tuna fishing in the Mediterranean. It looks like many countries have teamed up to ban the fishing of the species, and since 80% of the catch is sold on the Japanese market, it is being interpreted as yet another attack on Japan’s cultural traditions.

    Joining the reporters in the studio are an art director who does marketing for many of Japan’s famous brands and a legal scholar. The legal scholar points out how America used to kill whales for oil. He also thinks the American position towards Japanese whaling is influenced by an underlying hostility that the “white world” [白人社会] feels towards Japanese. The art director thinks that Japan needs to do a better job at presenting its case to the world, as so many people in other countries don’t understand why Japanese people eat whale meat.

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