Sushi Pizza

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    If you’re familiar with Thomas Friedman’s work, you may have come across his idea of pizza serving as an instrument for sharing cultures:

    I take some succor from the fact that the most popular food in the world today is not the Big Mac, but pizza. And what is pizza? It’s a flat piece of bread that every society has, on which every society and every community throws its own local ingredients and culture. In India, you can get tandoori pizza; in Japan, you can get sushi pizza; and in Mexico, you can get salsa pizza.

    It may work for the English-speaking audience that reads his books, but many Japanese people would probably be puzzled by the idea that Americans think they eat sushi pizza.

    In fact, the idea of sushi pizza is so strange, it was worth mentioning on a recent TV program:

    The part of the TV program was about weird and wacky “Japanese” food served at Japanese restaurants in America. The idea of Chinese sushi chef would be running an Japanese restaurant in America and serving sushi pizza to customers was presented as an amusing oddity. Odd though it may seem, it apparently tastes pretty good.

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