McDonald’s brings giant “American” burgers to Japan

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    american burgers

    The fast food wars are heating up in Japan! McDonald’s is aiming to draw customers with four new limited edition “Big America” burgers, which will be released between January and March (there is a special preview taking place this weekend at select restaurants across Japan).

    Here’s a clip that shows FTV and ATV news reports about the burgers and their rivals:

    Each burger supposedly contains ingredients that give it the kind of unique flavor one would expect from hamburgers in the regions they are named after. Reporters try some of the new burgers and are impressed. The burgers will be a bit pricey by fast food standards, but McDonald’s is hoping that some customers will want a premium hamburger experience.

    Other fast food chains are also launching new menu items. Lotteria has some new teriyaki burgers and a contest through which some lucky customers can win a year’s supply of them. Mos Burger is counting on its new tuna burgers.

    The video also includes a look at some real premium hamburgers from a non-fast food restaurant –Blacows in Ebisu. You can read a review of their burgers in English here.

    Bonus clip: For those with long attention spans and a love for news about fast food, here’s a feature report from TBS news about the development of Mos Burger’s new tuna burgers:

    The video also mentions Lotteria’s smoked bacon and Freshness Burger’s mushroom burger.

    I tried the bouillabaisse sauce tuna burger at my local Mos Burger yesterday. I was unimpressed. Their Tobikiri Burgers are far better.

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