Change your fate by having a plastic surgeon burn new palm lines into your hands

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    TV Tokyo’s “Ariehen Sekai” introduces a plastic surgeon in South Korea who uses a laser to alter the palm lines of patients who think their hands are unlucky:

    The same plastic surgeon is quoted in a 2007 Joong Ang Ilbo article:

    Kim Sung-min, a plastic surgeon at Imi Plastic Surgery, said he had been swamped from January to March because of young clients looking for “employment cosmetics.”

    “Nearly 30 percent of our patients are seeking to change their looks for job interviews,” Kim said. “Sometimes they come during their third year, saying they want their face to look natural by the time they start job hunting.”

    One of the most popular choices for these patients is what’s called “noble cosmetics,” in which a person with protruding lips or a sunken forehead is sculpted by scalpel to look more round and “elegant.” There is also the “face remodeling” operation, which means fat grafting to give the face more balance.

    “In the past, patients asked for a specific nose or eye shape,” said Kim. “But those preparing for job interviews want surgeries that will enhance their overall facial image.”

    Along with facial sculpting, however, other doctors say they are being asked to perform more exotic procedures such as surgeries to change voices or create specific gum shapes, earlobes and even palm lines that are supposed to bring luck in employment.

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