Suspended sentence for former ISSH principal who smuggled drugs into Japan

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    An update on the case of Shirley Lane, a principal of the International School of the Sacred Heart’s Kindergarten/Junior School who was arrested for smuggling six grams of marijuana from the United States into Japan:

    The Tokyo District Court on Wednesday sentenced Shirley Lane, 59, a former principal at the school’s kindergarten and junior school in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, and her 62-year-old husband Thomas to one year’s imprisonment, suspended for three years.

    “Even in view of the difference between people’s perceptions toward marijuana in Japan and the United States, the defendants bear a grave responsibility, but they admitted to the facts of the case and regret what they did,” Judge Toshikazu Ishii said as he handed down the ruling.

    The trial for the Lanes, both of U.S. nationality, opened on Wednesday and concluded the same day. The two defendants had admitted to the charges against them. When their attorney asked Mrs. Lane in court if she understood that she had a bad influence on the school’s students, she apologized repeatedly.

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