Shirtless muscle men promote Abercrombie & Fitch in Japan

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    Abercrombie & Fitch opened its first store in Japan several days ago, using shirtless male models to draw media attention:

    The Japan Times has some good quotes from David Marx and Kensuke Kojima:

    “A&F is coming in the middle of a wave of fast-fashion brands, so consumers may be disappointed to find out that it’s not cheap like the others,” Marx said.

    Kensuke Kojima, president of Tokyo-based apparel consultancy firm Kojima Fashion Marketing Co., also said Abercrombie’s long-established “WASPy (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) and masculine image” does not match the current Japanese market trend for nonaggressive styles.

    “This is my favorite brand,” Kojima said. “But (Abercrombie’s) fashion emphasizing the sculpted bodily beauty of the Greek and Roman times will not be embraced in present-day Japan.”

    As you can see from the news video, some customers left the store unsatisfied. Several people complained about how the interior was too dark, and one girl says the darkness caused to to make a mistake in choosing the color of a pair of pants. Another customers, who claims he is a fan of A&F, says he was excited about the visiting store but ended up buying nothing because the prices were too high.

    A nearby H&M store shrewdly held a 50% off sale on the same day, stealing some of the media attention and drawing a lot of deal-seeking customers.

    [hat tip to Marxy]

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