Michael Moore visits a maid cafe in Akihabara

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    michael moore maid cafe

    Shinichi Karube of “Mezamashi TV” takes American director Michael Moore on a tour of Akihabara:

    Part 1

    Michael Moore is amused with the crowd of onlookers taking photos of himself and Karube. He borrows a camera from one onlooker so he can take the onlooker’s photo. He then asks to call the guy’s dad, who is a reporter for the Sankei Shimbun (FTV is part of the same media group). The father cannot speak English, but Moore attempts a conversation anyway.

    Upon seeing a man wearing a mask, Moore decides to give a lecture on why it is good for us as humans to breath in germs and get a stronger immune system. The lecture doesn’t seem to have much effect.

    They move on to a figure shop. Moore ignores the figures and buys some wire instead.

    Next, they interview a Japanese gyaru. She had never heard of Michael Moore, which gives the show an opportunity to air some clips further introducing Moore’s achievements to the audience at home. The gyaru and her friend had just come from a maid cafe….

    Part 2 (The maid cafe)

    Moore and Karube go to Akihabara’s famous @home maid cafe. Moore does not seem to enjoy the servility of the maids and fears that it is some sort of pedo business that will soon be raided by the police.

    Before leaving, Moore apparently comments on his opposition to Obama’s Afghanistan policy. He then reminds Karube that masks are bad and germs are good. Teenage girls are to be avoided.

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