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    Holy jumping salarymen! Yukio Aoyama’s Solaryman project(aka “Jumping Papas”), which aims to capture images of Japanese salarymen in flight, has been released in book form.

    “One ordinary office worker (called “salary-man” in Jinglish), who is a typical father figure in Japan, could be a hero for others, and be a humorous individual.”

    I started to have more respect to my father since he has passed away, who has had a whole life as a salary-man.

    I, who have never lived as a salary-man, develop a thrill and hope in myself when I see salary-man find a moment to transform into a superhero, who normally dedicate all the time to working for company.

    It’s possible to let them show us their individuality through a jump from ordinary life, and this is the very moment when I intend to take their photographs, thinking about an ideal figure of my own father.

    ソラリーマン・プロジェクト | Solary-MAN PROJECT

    Solary-MAN means salary-man, who jumps in the sky, is another of my projects, directing a spotlight on Solary-MAN, a bearer of our present society.

    In this project, photo session, questionnaire and interview are done for salary man.

    Then, recognition of Solary-MAN is supposed to be gained through website, magazine, photo collection, and exhibition as well.

    I intend to express each Solary-MAN’s drama hidden in their business suits.

    Besides, I try to approach to our society for better impression of salary-man, in order that there will be lots of kids saying “I want to be a salary-man in future!”.

    Here’s a short TV report from FTV. They ask famous politicians and showbiz salarymen to jump:

    The Solaryman photos are on exhibition at Wada Garou in Tokyo until December 6th.

    Oddly enough, I could not find this title on Amazon. It is available at, as well as at Kinokuniya book stores across Japan.

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