Crazed fan tricks post office into forwarding AKB48 members’ mail to his address

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    AKB48 thief

    A fan of the idol group AKB48 has stolen mail belonging to group members by taking advantage of the fact that Japanese post offices apparently do not ask for ID when you turn in change of address forms:

    In the specific case of which Shibuya is accused, he registered his address as that of one member of the group between September and October last year, and received two items of mail addressed to her. The deception was uncovered in May this year after a member of the group reported to police that her mail wasn’t being delivered.

    An ensuing investigation found that he had registered his address as that of 11 members of the group in total, after getting their addresses from other fans. There are over 40 members in the group. He said the post office never asked him for the pop group members’ ID.


    Police say Shibuya managed to get his hands on around 200 pieces of mail in total, including mobile phone bills and training schedules.

    I just wanted some of their stuff, I didn’t care what,” he said.

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