Backpacker’s Guide to Narita Airport

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    Chris Gen - travel tips from Japan Travel TV

    You can save around 1500 yen when you purchase the JR’s Narita Express & a Suica card combo if your purchase it at the airport.  It’s a special deal only for those who can present a foreign passport at the time of purchase. 

    Watch this video for details on where and how you can get it:

    It’s a great deal and is highly recommended. Just keep in mind you might be getting off the train at one of the busiest stations in the world.

    Contributor Bio – I was born and raised in Tokyo. I have spent over 15 years in Japan. Schooled in NYC. Used to be a dual citizen, US and Canada. My Grandpa’s military and he married a Japanese women. Today I hold only the Canadian passport. I have three YouTube channels where I post videos frequently.

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