Anti-foreign protests in Tokyo on Halloween night

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    cops vs protest

    The infamous Yamanote Halloween Train party was supposed to take place last night in Tokyo. This year’s party brought more than just cops, foreigners, and 2-channelers. Those who showed up at Shinjuku station at 9:00PM last night encountered a very angry and very loud group of nationalist activists carrying Japanese flags and signs with anti-foreign slogans.

    The situation was described by one commenter on the 2-channel bulletin board:

    Anti-Yamanote Halloween party demonstration, intimidates uninvolved foreigners: “Go to hell, get out of Japan!”

    Ultimately, it was the Japanese people who caused the most trouble lol
    Foreigners either weren’t around, or even if they were it wasn’t for Halloween, but the Japanese still all yelled and threatened them lol

    There were some people holding signs in English saying “Go to hell, get out of Japan!” I’ll never forget the faces of the uninvolved white people who saw that lol
    They were like (゜Д゜). After seeing that I couldn’t feel anything but pity for them…. lol

    It stopped being a demonstration against the Yamanote Halloween party and just became an anti-foreigner demonstration. It made me feel sick.

    There were a lot of people holding the Japanese flag, and if that kind of image gets out on Youtube then everyone is going to think that Japanese people are a bunch of racists who hate foreigners.

    The protesters apparently came from right wing activist groups such as Shuken Kaifuku wo Mezasu Kai (The Society to Seek Restoration of Sovereignty).

    According to one blog affiliated with Shuken Kaifuku wo Mezasu Kai, the cops were erroneously focusing on the protesters instead of the foreigners:

    The Japanese police, far from controlling the whites, surrounded Shinjuku Station’s south ticket gate with a large number of police officers and, from the beginning, kept us under surveillance. Neglecting the whites who were disturbing the social order and our peaceful society with their partying, they instead supervised us, who had gathered with the purpose of drawing attention to the party.

    In order to break through the ring of police officers, we attempted to violently penetrate the circle shouting ‘If you’re gonna arrest us, go for it!’ For, why should we have our right to come and go freely denied?

    Judging from the live video feeds from last night, they were shouting pretty loud.

    Here are a couple photos of the protest group:

    flag group


    This loony sign told the “motherfuck-foreigners” and “protestants” that they should “go to hell” because they were betraying their god:
    go to hell

    This picture is a bit blurry, I think the sign said “WARNING! MOTHERFUCK-FOREIGNERS, THIS IS JAPAN. THIS IS NOT A WHITE COUNTRY”:

    This is a close-up of a protest sign. You can view the full photo of the protesters on Peter Bellar’s Flickr page:
    don't need halloween

    This sign says something about protestants and protecting the Yamanote from bad foreigners:
    protect yamanote

    A tiny number of foreigners in costumes appeared, perhaps no more than 15 people. There may have been other small groups of foreigners who had their own mini-parties on the train, but the planned party from Shinjuku was by all accounts a failure.

    A quick search of Twitter found that a couple users confirms this:

    yamanote tweets

    2-channelers with live webcam feeds followed around a few costumed foreigners. Here are some screen captures:

    costumed foreigners1

    One fellow was wearing a cardboard box with Japanese writing on it. It might have been some sort of Halloween costume. The blurry video stream didn’t allow much opportunity to read the messages, but I can at least make out a line about the Japanese police being awesome:
    Robo Douche

    Maybe this guy thought it would be funny to mock both the police and the 2-channelers by pointing out how the police don’t take much action to stop the foreigners?

    I’m not sure what is going on in this screen capture, but it kind of looks like police are taking away a foreign participant in the party (anyone know what this was about?):

    foreign arrest

    The Japanese guy who was streaming live video to ustream followed around this Pikachu foreigner. The Pikachu foreigner didn’t appear to be doing much of anything on the train. He eventually ran away from the cameraman:


    At one point, the guy streaming live video to NicoNico Douga got on a train with a few foreigners who weren’t in costumes and were obviously not partying. He couldn’t or didn’t want to speak any English, so he wasn’t able to communicate with them. They laughed at him:
    random foreigners

    random foreigners 2

    random foreigners 3

    random foreigners 4

    The cameraman later found his way back to Shinjuku and spent more time with the protesters. I stopped watching the live feeds around 9:45, as nothing interesting seemed to be happening.

    Another view of last night: Somebody from Tantei File was also on hand to observe the foreigners. They didn’t see many people, only a few foreign guys in costumes holding hands with Japanese girls in costumes. They didn’t observe any rowdiness, possibly because there were so many police standing on the train platform. Inside the station, announcements were played over the loudspeakers warning people not to be a nuisance to others.

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