Japanese media reports on Louisiana interracial marriage case

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    denied marriage

    The story of a couple in Louisiana that was denied a marriage license because an official disapproved of interracial marriage has been picked up by the Japanese media. Here’s how on ATV news program reported on the story:

    NTV, CNN.co.jp, 47 News, the AFP, and MSN/Sankei have also reported on this case.

    Over at 2channel, Japan’s largest online forum, hundreds of comments have been left in response to threads about this news story. Here are some translations of interesting comments from one such thread:

    The Japanese, who sugarcoat international marriage by saying, “love has no boundaries,” should know the current situation in the United States.
    It’s too late to realize that after they marry some American soldier and move to the states.

    Louisiana’s that horrible state where a Japanese high school student was shot, but the shooter was sentenced not guilty, right? It’s the state where Caucasians are not guilty even if they shoot Asians.

    I don’t think America has the qualifications to criticize racism in other countries.

    Is it safe for Japanese people to visit the South?
    Will stones be thrown at us?

    That America’s pretty much a racist country. If you look at the bulletin boards, they repeatedly call us “JAPs.”

    Response to the above comment: Oh, c’mon, there are tons of people who use terms like “Chon” (=discriminatory word for Chousen-jin, which means Koreans), “Chan” (=discriminatory word for the Chinese), and whatnot lol
    It’s hard to bear it when a sweeping statement like “OO is a(n) XX country” is made, just because of certain lunatics online.

    The racism in the deep south is hardcore.
    This is where Golgo 13 (= Japanese anime character) comes back on the mound.

    Caucasians are discriminated in Japan too, both in good ways and bad ways.
    When I was a student, I’ve seen many half (mixed raced) kids around me and most of them were being bullied.
    The ones who bully them again are nothing but the pathetic ones, though.

    The golf superstar Tiger Woods married a beautiful Swedish Caucasian lady since he didn’t like black women, so doesn’t that make him guilty too?

    The vast majority of the comments denounced the official in question and expressed shock and/or disgust at the news. A lot of 2channelers seemed to know that the southern part of the United States once had racist laws, but it was hard for them to believe that this could still take place in 2009.

    Many other comments inquired about the legality of marriage to 2-D anime characters, a joke referencing some of the most extreme elements of Japanese otaku who use 2channel. One particular user expressed his disgust at the antiquated view of marriage held by the Louisiana official, quickly adding that he himself would like to marry a character from Lucky Star.

    There were also quite a few comments discussing how races are viewed in the United States. Some weren’t sure how one would categorize mixed race children: would they be considered white or black? Others wondered how Japanese people were viewed, with at least one user erroneously claiming that Japanese were considered “white” in the United States.

    [Hat tip to Rich Pav for coming up with the idea for this post.]

    Disclaimer: Comments left on the internet by anonymous netizens should not be interpreted as representative of an entire nation.

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