Eldery “Jap” beaten to death in Australia

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    A 23-year-old man in Australia has been arrested for drunkenly beating to death an Asian whom he believed was Japanese:

    James Anthony Dean-Willcocks, of Illawong, was yesterday charged with the murder of Magno Alvarado, 67.

    Residents of Elouera Rd, Cronulla, told police of being woken about 5.30am on Saturday by a male yelling: “F … off back to Japan”.


    Police will allege Dean-Willcocks was heard yelling “Ya Jap”.

    Another described seeing Mr Alvarado tackled, “body-slammed” and punched many times.

    One witness told police he yelled at Dean-Willcocks to stop and asked what he was doing.

    “Mate, he’s Japanese and he deserves it,” the accused allegedly answered.

    It is understood Mr Alvarado was Filipino.

    As you might expect, Japanese netizens who read this news did not have very good things to say about Australia. Here are a few translations of 2channel comments that were posted up on Itai News:

    What do you expect from a racist country?

    White pigs can’t distinguish between Japanese and Filipinos.

    Those guys really hate Japanese and Chinese, don’t they?

    What a foolish and wild nationality.

    Aust-Korea’s the same as it ever was…
    I feel really lucky that I wasn’t born in such a barbaric country.

    A country that saves whales yet beats Filipinos to death.

    How sad.
    Well, there are deviants like these no matter what country you’re in.

    Better watch out if you’re going on a trip to Australia.

    It’s because White Australia’s policies are still firmly rooted there, even before all of that whaling stuff. There have been attacks on people of color ever since the old days.

    Is racism really that intense in Australia?
    I mean, the aborigines certainly suffer from racism, but…

    Seems like the whales are the smarter ones.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should stop travel to Aust-Korea!

    Note: Aust-Korea is a pejorative slang term used against Australia/Australians. It combines the names of Australia and Korea.

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